Session Awards announcement

Session Awards on APSS 2017

This Awards were recommended by each session Chairs on APSS 2017

NoAuthor(s)Paper Title
SA1-02Ms. Bitna Baek, Mr. Dinesh Myilsamy, Prof. Chang-Bo Oh, Dr. Yong-Shik Han, Dr. Kyu- Hyung DoComputational Study of Backdraft in a Real Scale Compartment
SB1-03Mr. Tomohiro Homma, Mr. Yu- ichiro Izato, Prof. Atsumi MiyakeA proposal of hazards assessment method on waste solvents recovery process with distillation
SC1-02Mr. Mitsuo Shibagaki, Prof. Takabumi Fukuda, Dr. Yoshinobu SatoS-A process chart for identification and control of hazards
SD1-04Dr. Naotaka Kikkawa, Dr. Nobutaka Hiraoka, Dr. Kazuya Itoh, Dr. Rolando P OrenseDamages to segmental ring under various pressures and their discrete element simulations
SA2-03Mr. Norimichi Watanabe, Dr. Kyoko kamiya, Prof. Osami SugawaInfluence of air-inlet on flame merging behavior for multiple fire whirls
SB2-04Mr. Yosuke Nishiwaki, Prof. Mieko KumasakiEffect of moisture on aging of airbag inflator composition of GN/BCN mixture
SC2-03Prof. Chikako Isouchi, Mr. Takuji Sankawa, Prof. Wataru Shiraki, Prof. Yoshiyuki Kaneda, Prof. Kazuhito FujisawaEfforts of Business Continuity Plan of Companies in Kagawa- Prefecture and The Necessity of Pre-Restoration Each Industry
SD2-05Mr. Sejong Lim, Ms. Ah-ra Oh, Prof. Jeong-hun Won, Mr. Jaejoon ChonImprovement of Inspection System for Reduction of Small- scale Construction Site Accident in Korea
SA3-04Mr. Kensuke Saruya, Dr. Toshio Mogi, Prof. Ritsu DobashiEffect of packed condition of wood cribs on fire whirl behavior
SB3-01Mr. Jae Yeon Park, Prof. Chang Jun LeeAn evaluation of a Mitigation System for a Leakage Accident based on the Mathematical Modeling
SC3-02Mr. Jongyoung Park, Prof. Doo Hyun Kim, Dr. Sung Chul KimRisk Assessment of Electric Shock in Fountain using Flux 3D
SD3-03Mr. ISMAIL ABDUL RAHMAN, Ms. NOORLIZAA MOHAMAD, Dr. JAFRI MOHD ROHANI, Mr. RAEMY MD ZEINThe impact of work rest scheduling for prolonged standing activity.
SA4-02Prof. Wookyung Kim, Prof. Takuma Endo, Prof. Toshio Mogi, Prof. Kazunori Kuwana, Prof. Ritsu DobashiWrinkling of large scale flames due to cellular instabilities
SB4-03Prof. Anchaleeporn Waritswat Lothongkum, Mr. Nichit Hongbin, Prof. Piyanart SommaniRAGAGEPs in Atmospheric Storage Tanks
SC4-01Dr. Sungho Hong, Mr. moonwoo ParkAn experimental study on performance validity of fire detection and extinguishing system
SD4-03Prof. Haruo Sato, Mr. Masato YoshiiAnalysis of Air Dose Rate Considered Change in Depth Profile of Radiocaesium in Soil
SA5-01Prof. Tomohiko Imamura, Mr. Reito Ohno, Mr. Akira Tanaka, Mr. Akira KawaguchiInfluence of moisture on flame propagation rate of LOG/air and LPG/O2/N2 mixture
SB5-01Dr. Min Soo Park, Dr. Don- Hee HanSurvey of Awareness about Hazardous Chemicals of Residents Living near Chemical Plants
SC5-04Mr. Yuki Wakatsuki, Prof. Toshiyuki SugimotoCharge elimination method for charged roll using a passive type ionizer with an air assist
SD5-04Mr. Bongchan KIM, Dr. Yusuke KOSHIBA, Prof. Hideo OHTANIQuestionnaire Survey for Younger Adults on Evacuation Behavior in Case of Toxic Chemical Release
PS-10Mr. Yohei YAMAMOTO, Dr. Yusuke KOSHIBA, Prof. Hideo OHTANIFire Extinguishing Capability of Aqueous Solutions of Organic Solvents


① Special issue of J. Industrial Health (IH)
Thank you for your participation at APSS2017.
It was very successful, thanks to everyone.
Even though a very large number (about 100) of people wanted to publish their paper in the special issue of J. Industrial Health (IH), each section's chairperson has reviewed all of them and has selected the best papers as candidates for the edition.
It should also be noted here that those who had not registered for publication in the special issue were not condidered for IH special issue publication.
Each canidated paper's author (13 papers) will be notified in the next week by email on the submission for the IH special issue review.
Other papers that were not selected for the IH special issue can always submit for the general IH review, whether or not it is related to APSS2017.
We hope you understand and thanks again.

APSS2017 Staff

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